The Society is open for all to join, and benefits include:

  • A copy of the annual journal “Camertonia”
  • Regular newsletter updates during the year
  • Reduced entry fees to lectures
  • Access to Excursions
  • Use of the Society’s geophysics equipment (once training has been completed)
  • Access to the members only sections of the website

The Society encourages members to undertake research projects, and experienced members are always happy to help out.

Annual membership costs: (from 1 January 2018)
£20 for a full membership
£10 students

Membership subscriptions are due on January 1st. However, if you join the Society between September 30th and December 31st, your membership will continue until the end of December in the following year.

Proceed to Step 1: consent and contact preferences.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to join on-line, you can download this form, fill it in, and return it to us with the appropriate payment.