Stanton Drew stones

Stanton Drew – Overhead View of the Stones

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– C3
M17 M34 N16
M1 M18 M35 N17
M2 M19 N1 N1B
M3 M20 N2 N19
M4 M21 N3 S1
M5 M22 N4 S2
M6 M23 N5 S3
M7 M24 N6 S4
M8 M25 N7 S5
M9 M26 N8 S6
M10 M27 N9 S7
M11 M28 N10 S8
M12 M29 N11 S9
M13 M30 N12 S10
M14 M31 N13 S11
M15 M32 N14 S12
M16 M33 N15
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